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For this module you will need to purchase and read a set book that provides an overview of the history of the Church from its beginnings to the present day. The book is:

Shelley, Bruce L., Church History in Plain Language: Updated 4th Edition (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 2013)

As part of the course we provide you with questions are provided to enable you to reflect on your reading of this book. Suggestions for further general reading and for the assignments are also offered. The first two assignments are designed to help you focus on significant people, movements and events. Broadly speaking these two assignments divide into the periods before and after the Reformation, thus providing you with the opportunity to explore contrasting developments in the life of the Church. The third assignment comprises two brief book reviews, one on the course book and the other on a church history book of your own choice; this assignment is designed to provide evidence of your engagement with the subject of the module. All the assignments require you to relate your studies in the history of Christianity to the life of the Church and Christians today; this is to help you to reflect on the relevance of people and events in the past to contemporary ministry, mission and the journey of faith.

You are provided access to a tutor as part of this course who will happily be able to ask answer any questions that you may have and give advice about any wider reading.

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